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Some 31% see solar as major contributor to US energy in 2-5 yrs

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A recent poll shows that 31% of Americans believe solar energy will make a major contribution to meeting the country’s energy demand in the coming two to five years, while 53% expect the contribution to be minor.

The picture changes if solar energy is given more time. According to the Harris Poll, 57% think solar will be a major contributor over the next 15-20 years.

Overall, 63% are sure that the US already has the technological know-how to turn solar energy into a “really important part” of the nation’s energy needs.

Six years ago, a similar poll revealed that 27% saw solar energy as making a major contribution in two to five years, while 60% believed this will happen in 15-20 years.

Current opinions on solar’s role in the US energy mix vary along political party lines. As part of the Harris Poll, total of 2,205 US adults were surveyed online in October 2014.

Of all polled, 34% have considered buying a solar power generation system and some 3% have indicated that they already own one.

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