Commercial Solar Systems

Energy Saving Products for Commercial Applications

Absolute Green Energy offers a wide range of Commercial system options to meet your specific needs. Every solar (PV) photovoltaic project is engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, longevity and financial ROI. Absolute Green Energy offers engineering, design and consulting services to a wide variety of clients, with a special focus on customized systems design and engineering. Depending on your requirements, we can manage every aspect of your solar project from conceptual design through to final interconnection and commissioning.

Absolute Green Energy is an expert authority on the Northeast solar market and policy in the area. We educate clients on all available state and federal tax credits, benefits, rebates and incentives. Our services do not end once the project is complete as we monitor each system closely, with automatic performance alerts and quarterly inspections, as part of our ongoing operations and maintenance program.

Commercial Solar Electric Installations makes Dollars and Sense for Your Business:

  • Low Risk/ Strong Returns
  • Lower Monthly Electric Costs
    In fact, you can even get paid for your excess electricity over the next 25+ years! How does securing your electricity at almost “free” work with your long-term budget?
  • Capital Investment Incentives
    Avoided Energy Costs, Tax credits, Depreciation and Renewable Energy Certificates from State and Federal government are available, and Absolute Green Energy is the leading authority on obtaining them. We know what is available to provide you, and stay up to date on changing policy.
  • Accelerated Depreciation
    Accelerated Depreciation turns this investment into positive cash flow quickly! The right combination of energy savings, tax credits, and depreciation provides returns your management expects.
  • Join the Absolute “Green Team”
    A solar energy system shows community and environmental responsibility, and assists with LEED qualification. It’s easy “being green” especially when you can realize positive ROI!

Why Absolute Green Energy Solutions?

  • AGEC is your Local Solar Expert!
    Develop a relationship with a Local experienced team of experts. We will help you make the right decisions that match your company goals, resources and needs.
  • AGEC provides results!
    We stand behind our designs, materials and turn-key installation! Our systems work as promised so you see the returns projected, that you expected!
  • AGEC does the heavy lifting!
    We take care of most of the time consuming paperwork, and provide guidance for your virtually turn-key installation. Our commitment is to get you to positive cash flow QUICKLY!

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