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Absolute Green Energy is a leader in the rapidly expanding solar photovoltaic market in New England. Absolute Green Energy specializes in providing custom cutting-edge solar engineering and design services, developing turn-key solutions and providing professional consulting services. Selective skill-sets are provided to both the building trades and rate-payer/ end users.

  • Absolute Green Energy proprietary design and engineering ensures higher system production = greater savings
  • All designs are reviewed and stamped by independent professional engineers
  • Your dedicated Project Managers will ensure construction accountability
  • Planned routine system audits by the Engineering team ensures system lifecycle longevity
  • Absolute Green Energy works with all major utilities to ensure seamless interconnection approval through to commissioning
  • Project teams hold OSHA + NABCEP certifications
  • Absolute Green Energy holds high standards to Quality, Safety and Performance Monitoring
  • Absolute Green Energy finds solutions to build lasting, quality systems with proven technology that drive results
  • Absolute Green Energy stands behind projects with wireless network communications, DC Optimization, string-level monitoring and surge suppression
  • Absolute Green Energy holds hold’s comprehensive liability coverage policies

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