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Absolute Green Energy will own and operate your solar PV system, supporting Non-Profit entities, schools, and institutions allowing each the benefits solar has to offer. Instantly begin saving money for your facility with a custom engineered solar PV system for ZERO cost upfront! AGEC will install, own and operate your solar system and deliver utility savings from day one, once commissioned.

“Go Green” with Absolute Green Energy, and take advantage of State and Federal incentive programs to become a responsible energy leader in your community!

Become a part of the Solution with clean, efficient, reliable renewable energy!
Make an impact, get the message out, by inspiring the next generation to use renewable energy in our schools, institutions and Non-Profit structures.


  • No Initial Investment Necessary = $0.0 Down
  • Reduced Energy Reduction Rate of 20%-25%
  • Systems are Locally Owned
  • No Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • AGEC Provides All Services and Equipment Necessary for the Complete Turnkey Installation
  • NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers
  • Special Options for Not For Profit Organizations
  • Free Site Assessment of your Facility

Absolute Green Energy

  • Owns the system, and purchases all materials
  • Receives available tax credits and depreciation within months of commissioning
  • Earns income from continuous electricity production and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
  • Typically achieves ~10% IRR

Host Customer

  • Provides a suitable solar location
  • Benefits from a reduction in utility rates/ avoided utility costs
  • Participates in renewable energy benefits without the upfront cost

Absolute Green Energy

  • May provide the site, and host business to consume the electricity created
  • Executes all necessary assessments, contracts, permits, and interconnection approvals with the host, utility, Governing state, and local officials to authorize the installation through to commissioning
  • Installs, operates and maintains the system to ensure proper operation through to term

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