Why Absolute Green
Why Absolute Green

Competitive Advantage

* Absolute Green Energy is comprised of a team of experts who possess extensive experience in the design, engineering, and installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for homes, businesses, non-profits and institutions.

  • Advanced Engineering
    As a privately held entity, and part of a diverse portfolio of companies under the Absolute Group, our company principals are built around utilizing the latest technology to drive successes in renewable energy, robotics and plastic injection molding equipment and machinery. Every team, every department companywide carries decades of engineering experience, project management exposure and building project development knowledge.
  • Uncompromised Quality, Conservative Design
    • Absolute Green Energy is focused on Solar for the Long Haul
    • Brick and Mortar Established – 70,000 Sq. Ft. of Facilities Based in MA and OH
    • Our operations are focused within regionalized Markets as your Local Solar Expert!

Strong Partnerships

* Our goal is to combine our expertise in renewable energy with well-positioned companies that desire to expand the range of projects and technologies they offer, to existing and new clients.

  • Quality Lasting Partnerships
    Our model is one of delivering expertise to support our partners through education, training, and direct support of all aspects of selling and executing a commercial solar project. We cater to clientele that want assurances their systems are designed to support and meet ROI expectations. Our growing Partnerships with building and construction contractors as well as electrical, architectural and roofing firms have been beneficial to our clients, and our growth and corporate development.

Absolute Green Energy continually strives to improve services, and utilize existing and new partnerships to further support our client’s requirements. We collaborate with a number of complementary partners to pursue commercial & industrial scale, institutional and residential solar projects.

Click here to see our White Paper on ‘Looking for a Few Good Partners

Cutting-Edge Technology

* Our use of quality materials, DC Power Optimization, wireless mesh network communications, module and string-Level monitoring and surge suppression are the backbone included in our design standards.

  • Dedication to Safety, Performance, Operation & Maintenance
    Absolute Green Energy upholds the highest Safety standards with CALFIRE compliance. We will continue propose systems that maximize performance and can isolate energy at the module level. Every customer is provided the benefit of advanced technologies and system architectures. With this goal in mind, companywide system maintenance is diminished and easier to monitor and maintain.
  • Dedication to Proven Technologies
    Absolute Green Energy works with proven lasting materials and technologies that guarantee the rated output as designed. We provide conservative designs, and we stand behind our solar energy systems!


* Solar PV system customization has been beneficial to every single one of our clients! We do not offer off-the-shelf ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.

  • Ensuring Reliability Through Design
    Absolute Green Energy understands solar PV plant energy production is critical to project profitability, which can be eroded by poor reliability and system downtime. For this reason, the selection of materials, plant components and system design are foundational to every Absolute Green Energy project to achieving the required return on investment.

We strive to deliver overall reliability and maximize total life cycle savings through the development of an ideal system solution.

Absolute Green Energy creates optimal customized designs specific to the site installation, and guarantees material selection to maximize reliability in solar applications. Our operational guidelines contribute to system reliability for projects we build, operate and maintain in the harsh New England environments.

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