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Absolute Green Energy has taken extreme measures to build out a comprehensive and thorough In-house monitoring program reviewing every system built and maintained daily! We support a variety of systems and web-based solutions via data acquisition support to ensure that all modules within a solar array are performing properly to the specified system rating. We know if a system is down before our customers, and can be proactive to the required needs rather than reactive to communication alerts or alarms.

Each solar customer is provided with various customized monitoring options or integrated solutions dependent on their needs. Our goal is to ensure every solar program we build and maintain will provide the rated designed and required output to meet your return on investment.

Absolute Green Energy meticulously monitors every system through module level visibility architecture. We can monitor and review systems at both the macro and micro levels to understand performance metrics. With newer satellite irradiance data we will continue to understand and gain the levels of energy output our clients systems are guaranteed.

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